Permaculture Design and Home Building
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Permaculture Design and Home Building

Permaculture - three short clips on a permaculture garden as a model for the nation

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Developing your vacant Land

Snowbird Homes and Land, Inc. was set up in 2001 to purchase and sell real estate and build affordable speculation homes for resale. My concept back then was to build smaller homes using the newest building materials especially eco friendly materials. So I built most of my speculation homes using ICF's (Insulated Foam Blocks)  and SIP's (Structural Insulated Panels) for the structure. The interior finishes usually consisted of 
  natural wood and other eco friendly interiors. Typically 85% of the house was considered "green building" at the time. Unfortunately, the effort to provide a better living environment for potential home owners was not respected as people were generally price driven. Luckily, I keep the homes geared for young families as a stater home or for retirees as a downsize. Since the square footage was in the 1200 to 1600 sq ft range, they sold! 

Once the great recession hit my construction part of Snowbird Homes and Land came to and end. The loan to value construction loans ceased to exist. I continued my real estate sales of vacant land. Most of the land I sell is semi remote or remote and far from power. What I have observed through the years is that 90% of the landowners never use or develop their land purchase. Some of time it is due to the cost of building and maintaining the land that keeps people from enjoying the peace and quiet of their rural property.

Like most of the people that purchase vacant rural land, I came from a big city and had to experience the difference of rural living. Fortunately, I am an adventurious person and was able to take up the challange of living off grid (no power) at 8,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado. It is there that my wife Marian and I developed a lifestyle that we never regret! Living like the pioneers of old gave us a respect for the earth and made us realize all the natural abundance that the universe (or God) (or whatever your belief) has to offer. 

Many years later, we have evolved to a home that I call transitional living. Yes, we are in a small stick framed home connected to the electric grid. However, the natural, homesteading ways are still alive with in us (Marian and I). We have what we call our "family domain" cultavting a "permaculture" mind set which is care of the earth, care of people and sharing surplus. So I encourage you to view the utube videos above and check us out if you would like to take an "eco" vacation near Yellowstone National Park

Permaculture Design and Home Building Consultation

Snowbird Homes and Land is now dedicated to assist people in developing their vacant land as a consulting service. What I have been focused on since the "great recession" is the Tiny House movement and Earth Home Building using the sand bag shelter technique. 

Starting Small, adding later

Building and developing a home site is a substantial investment. Since most of the rural properties that I sell are meant as recreational land or to create a homestead lifestyle, you might consider to start with a small home that can easily be expanded. A benefit to start small and expand later is affordability and the opportunity to include some high end materials (such as metal roof, custom trim and flooring). When I was building "spec" homes I was able to utilize this same concept. I was able to include a lot of features that clients would see in expensive homes. The other advantage is that when you start small, you can live on the site (during weekends or vacations) and refine your plans. You'll get a chance to observe different wind patterns, track the daily and seasonal sun paths. This allows you to position house additions in a more practical way. For instance, adding sun rooms, patio's or decks. Another advantage is that the house grows with you. It might be a cabin now, if your newlyweds it might expand as your family grows, if your retirees you might just want to add a sun room and garage. 

When you initially start building you will want to consider how the house will expand. Will you go up? Make it wider? Longer? You'll want to consider these aspects since you can have certain walls with built in headers so when you're ready to expand infrastructure is in place. Wiring and plumbing won't need to be rearranged, like in a remodel. 

These are some of the considerations that a visionary home builder (YOU) can have fun with. You can include landscaping and a sustainable perennial garden, too. Using the Permaculture concept of observation, taking your time and enjoying the process!
Permaculture Design and Consulting Fees

If you would like to use my services, we can discuss different options where I can manage the job for you. It comes in handy if your out of state. I can interact with the contractors. I can give you feedback for site layout. If you've never built a home from ground up,it can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. It can be emotionally draining especially if you don't have support. That is what I can offer you, support.

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Take the time to review FAQ's so I can assist you better.

Will this property be used as a permanent residence or for recreational use?
Do you need to be near a major city or town for jobs, hospitals and other amenities?
Are you willing to consider going without certain conviences?
Do you want to be near mountains or is the rural grassy, hilly, ranch lands your desire?
Will you want a small get-a-way cabin on your property to use for vacations now?
What can you afford as a monthly payment?
Do you have discretionary money saved up to purchase property?
A second home? What size (square foot)? 
Will you need a contractor or a building consultant?
Do you plan to have horses? livestock?
Do you have any gardening skills?
Do you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle?
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