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Real Estate Buyers Agency

Real Estate Buyers Agency

We are Buyers Agents specializing as land finders in the Greater Yellowstone Eco System including Red Lodge - Big Timber - Livingston - Bozeman - Ennis - West Yellowstone - Carbon County - Park County - Gallatin County - Madison County

"We are your management team". You can trust us to be your eyes. 

1. Our services include bringing buyers, sellers, real estate agents, contractors and all other professional teams together before, during and after your land purchase.

2. We offer a detailed survey that will help us identify what type of property you're looking for what your needs and desires are for purchasing land. 

3. We offer a detailed analysis of the area where you are looking for land. This may include schools, shopping opportunities, recreational areas,  job markets and more.

4. We will assist you in finding conventional or unconventional loans with local banks and investors. We may be able to procure owner financing with some sellers or contract buyers.

5. Our property search will include real estate listings and any off market possibilities through our various contacts.

6. We we offer management services after you purchase your property. This may include managing the construction of your home. 

7. We offer consulting services which may include landscaping, gardening methods, off grid alternatives, and more.

8. We also offer our real estate services to sell your property should you choose to sell in the future.

9. We offer various packages for you to consider that include updated property listings and information as well as other services.

10. As a buyer agency we can provide you with the trust and loyalty that only a "buyers agent" can provide for a buyer. 
James Kozlik                                                                Jason Mascari                                     
Land Buyer Realty                                                        Land Buyer Realty
Mt. RE 10547   Mt. Contractor 55497                           Mt. Lic. 17203
406 220-1563                                                               406 220-5233
14 years specializing in vacant land                             7 years specializing in vacant land
20 years building experience                                       15 yrs small business entrepreneur
Certified Permaculture Designer                                  Montana Real Estate Broker
Life here in the Rocky Mountain west is exciting anytime of year. The beauty of the western mountains and plains, along with being in the great outdoors, beckons a visit. I hope that life is treating you well. Are you thinking of a land purchase for retirement, relocation or seasonal recreation?
There are many properties available in the Livingston and Bozeman area of Montana the area where we live and know well. We also are able to locate properties anywhere in the Greater Yellowstone Eco system.  From what we can tell, land still seems to be moving fairly well, which is always good for business. As  "buyers agent" we are dedicated to searching for new properties and continue to make great deals for our buyers. We have noticed that the flexibility we are providing our customers makes doing business easy for all situations and circumstances.
We remain busy year round with people planning trips to get away and enjoy some of the beauty that Montana has to offer. If you decide to plan a little getaway keep in touch with us. Our services are varied and we can set you up with a wonderful vacation while we search for your place in Paradise. Call us for a full brochure
Jason Mascari  (406) 220-5233  Mt. Lic. 17203
James Kozlik  (406) 220-1563   Mt. Lic. #10547

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