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Wilderness Cabins are elegant four season cabins that are available with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms that can sleep up to 8 people.  They include Full Size Kitchens and Brand Name Appliances, Heat and Air, Full Bath with Shower/Tub combinations, an Entertainment Center with Flat Screen TV and Surround Sound, and come completely furnished.  Your choice of floor plans and interior/exterior decor and colors. Call Jim 406 220-1563

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Dedicated to sustainable living, green building, solar energy, permaculture and self reliance.  Our service includes land sales, small panelized expandable homes utilizing Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS), or conventional stick framed, Solariums and greenhouses. We are dedicated to forming relationships with owner/builders as a consultant and resource network.  Also, we will assist your group to form a self reliant community.  Dedicated to co- create a network of agricultural survivalist!  

Snowbird Homes and Land specializes in rural and remote "off the grid" lifestyles. 

Land sales in Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico...

Contact: James Kozlik at (406) 220-1563 or e mail or            

Beartooth Valley Ranch

Beartooth Valley Ranch

Beartooth Valley Ranch
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Beartooth Valley Ranch Listings

These properties are mostly open foothill grasslands! Come develop it, bring your horses and enjoy millions of acres of public land and National Forest. Access to NF is a mile or less. Beyond is the famous Beartooth Wilderness area and then Yellowstone N.P.. Great, hiking, camping and hunting with high mountain lakes close by!
Red Lodge Montana and Cody Wyoming (40 minutes away) are gateways to Yellowstone National Park and also have ski areas for winter recreation. Plenty of good trout fishing a in the area. Views of the Pryor, Big Horn and Heart Mountain ranges. This is remote land that is easy to get too! Priced starting from $29,900!!

James Kozlik is a Real Estate Agent (Mt Lic. 10547) (Wy Lic. 11579)
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Steel Horse Realty Broker
Rocky Mountain Timberlands (Land Sales)

Snowbird Agricultural Land Trust now forming !

Located in Emigrant Montana and Paradise Valley. 30 minutes from Yellowstone National Park. 10 minutes from Chico Hot Springs. Hike, fish, white water rafting, sight seeing, rodeos, skiing and more!

4 acres in a rural land development. We are also developing a 20 acre tract in New Mexico, as a small affordable rural housing community. And will be developing a building lot in Hawaii as a vacation retreat. We also have a future urban project to be developed in Butte Montana.

Permaculture emphasis. Developing an educational homestead for people interested in self reliance especially living in community. Co create help retro fit existing buildings, create forest gardens, expand and maintain current gardens, develop interpersonal relationship skills, land use planning and design, build sand bag homes, create micro climates, forging wild edibles, community activism, develop agricultural land trust and more. Possible fractional ownership or co housing opportunity. Get involved, this is all about lifestyle.

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Construction and gardening skills helpful. Main focus is connecting with like minded people who might want to consider a transitional lifestyle.

We currently have a private room available. A Tepee is also available.

Construction projects include converting the garage into an off grid bunk house. Finish the sauna and community bath house. Fencing, hoop houses and yurts.

Garden projects include maintaining existing garden. Develop some forest gardens. Develop a water catchment system for passive irrigation. Develop a fruit or berry orchard. Expand the herb garden and develop some cash crops (herbs, sunflowers, raspberries).

We are looking forward to connecting with people who are serious about changing their lifestyle. The Permaculture motto is Care of Earth, Care of People and Sharing Supply.

Contact Jim 406 220-1563 or Marian 406 223-3901  or write... Snowbird Homes and Land P O Box 1075 Emigrant, MT 59027

Weekend Warrior Cabin

Weekend Warrior Cabin

Weekend Warrior Cabin
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400 sq ft Cabin Weekend Warrior is a single unit modular designed to increase up too 1200 square feet by adding the same unit in phases as the owner can afford it. There are many interior for plans (visit that the owner can choose from for a finished cabin. Snowbird Homes and Land has an owner/builder program that will save the owner money. Or the owner may choose to finish the interior or hire a contractor. The price may vary do to material cost and supplier cost. Snowbird Homes and Land is a registered general contractor specializing in remote construction. Contact James Kozlik 406 220-1563
solar portable generator and house systems

solar portable generator and house systems

solar portable generator and house systems
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The IDS 5000 solar generator is portable. The IDS 5000 SOLAR GENERATOR is a power system that can supply up to 5,000 W of household electricity and is an excellent alternative to a gas or diesel generator. It’s quiet and has no fumes, fuel or moving parts, making it safe for indoor use. This mobile unit can also be used outdoors, and operates a wide variety of electronics including communication devices, power tools, full-size appliances and more. The IDS 5000 power system consists of a battery pack that stores electricity, advanced electronics that convert 12 volts of DC power from the battery pack to household power, an AC power panel that contains two standard outlets, and a DC power panel that is used to operate 12 volt products. Combined in a rugged cart, the IDS 5000 solar generator can be easily wheeled from room-to-room or outdoors over rough terrain. Built in transfer switch
Starski Creek - Homer, Alaska
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